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Take Better Photos with One on One Photography Classes

Take better photos with one on one photography classes

Photo credit: Michele Anderson of PinkleToes Photography

So you bought that nice DSLR 6 months ago, and you’ve been snapping away. Some photos look average. Some photos look amazing. You wish that you could get more of those amazing shots. According to the guy who sold you the camera, the camera has a TON of amazing features. But life has gotten so busy that it’s impossible to sit down and carve out the time to figure out how to use the camera. Yep. Been there, done that. I’m a pretty hands-on person, and I much prefer having someone there to guide me and to show me how to do things. And personally, I much prefer a more intimate setting.

Which is why I’m bringing back the Oh, Snap, and the Snap Camp photography classes, but with a twist. Now you can learn how to take better photos with one on one photography classes! Plus, the classes will now include a hands-on component, whereby we get to go outside and snap some photos together! Not sure which class is right for you? Check out the descriptions below. Take one, or both!

Oh, Snap!

What You’ll Learn:

  • In Camera Shooting (all those camera modes!)
  • Composition
  • Perspective (including lens selection)
  • Finding the Light
  • Pulling it All Together
  • Great Photographs at Any Age
  • Workflow
  • Resources


Snap Camp: Burn the Auto Off

What You’ll Learn:

  • Must-reads in Your Camera Manual
  • In-Camera Shooting Settings
  • Exposure
  • Other Camera Settings


Additional Details

Each class is two hours long. Because classes are private, you can choose the date that bests suits you! In order to ensure that we get the best possible light, I strongly recommend that classes take place on weekday evenings, or weekend mornings. We will learn and shoot on-location in the Avenue Road and Bloor area, since there are tons of interesting things to photograph there.

The cost is $175 (+HST), and includes one-on-one teaching time, hands-on-photographing time, and a workbook summarizing the class materials, for you to take home! Bring a friend, and you both receive $15 off of your class fee. Bring 2 friends, and you all receive $25 off of your class fee. Due to the nature of these classes, I can only accommodate a maximum of 3 students, in order to ensure that students get the individual attention that they need.

To sign up, contact me to set up a date and time! I look forward to seeing you!

Peace, love, and pics.

peace, love, and pics

Love what you see? Then contact me, and we’ll talk about booking your next family photo session.
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