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Meet Adriana!

Hi there! My name is Adriana Villela, and I LOVE photography! I’m so very pleased to meet you, and would like to extend you a very warm welcome to ÜmlaPhoto! I would love for us to get to know each other! Keep on reading to get to know me a bit better. Like what you see? Then be sure to check out my FAQ page, and to contact me to book your session!

This is Me!

I am an engineer by training, and in a past life, I worked as a software developer for 12 years. In this life, am a full-time professional family photographer, which means that my workday is fully-dedicated to my clients (i.e. YOU)! I shoot on-location, and in natural light. Translation: no studio. I am still a techie at heart, and always look to incorporate technology into my business in order make things as simple and stress-free for my clients. Fun facts: I run 365 days a year in rain, shine, or blizzard, though I hate running itself. I am left-handed and hold my pencil in a very unique manner. I love baking, reading, and astronomy. I also ride a little pink Kick scooter around town. More on that later. Promise.:)


This is My Family!

I am married to my best friend and fellow computer geek. He has an awesomely quirky sense of humour, and we have a very spunky and creative almost-6-year-old who loves superheroes and sewing. Fun fact: my husband and I were avid rock climbers before the birth of our daughter. We took a break after her birth, and then introduced her to it when she was 4. Now, we enjoy regular trips to our local climbing gym as a family!

Family rock climbing in Toronto


This is where I work!

I live in Toronto. I’ve been proud to call this city home for over 15 years, ever since I moved here from Ottawa, to attend university! I am a city gal through and through. I am based out of Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, though I do not have a studio. Instead, I work on-location, traveling to client homes, parks, and favorite urban hangouts throughout Toronto proper!

Toronto skyline from 68th floor of first canadian place

Taken from 68th floor of First Canadian Place


This is how I get around!

So, remember how I told you that I ride a scooter? I totally do. It’s pink, and my daughter has a matching one. I go just about everywhere in Toronto on it, with the occasional assistance of the TTC. Although I drive, I seldom take the car out, opting for the more scenic route instead.


Photography is my life

I love what I do. You will too.


Peace, love, and pics.

Toronto family photography by umlaphoto

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