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Your Roadmap to Beautiful Family Photos

Life is short, and life happens FAST. Sometimes too fast. And along with our memories, we have our photos to help keep those memories alive. Getting professional photos taken means that you are investing in freezing real moments in time, and evoking beautiful and happy thoughts when you look at your images. It’s the next best thing to time travel, and it’s an amazing legacy that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren, to keep those precious memories and feelings alive.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, such a pregnancy (whether it’s the first, third, or fifth), the birth of your baby, a first birthday, or, “just because” it’s time to update those family photos before the kids are all grown up, you’ve decided that it’s time to get some professional family photos taken. Great! But Toronto is a big city, with many photographers, with varying styles. Will you click with them? Will your kids smile for the camera? Will those smiles be REAL and GENUINE?

Choosing a photographer can be a pretty overwhelming decision, and I’m here to help you decide if I’m the right photographer for you! Check out the steps below to help you get started!

Step 1: Do you like what you see?

testimonials toronto family photography by umlaphoto
Check out Ümla’s portfolio galleries, browse through some Toronto family photo sessions, check out the FAQ page, and spend some time exploring the site!

ÜmlaPhoto’s focus is on fun, natural, and candid photography that you will cherish for years to come. Sessions are relaxed, and capture your family’s natural interactions in a casual atmosphere. There is no posing and no “look at the camera”, though I do like to give a wee bit of guidance to help break the ice or to help you get those beautiful natural smiles that I know your family has!

If you like what you see and think that Ümla’s style is a good match for you, then continue on to Step 2!

If not, then no hard feelings! I wish you all the best in your photographer search!

Step 2: How may I help you?

I’m thrilled that you like my work! Now I need to hear from you. Mozy on over to my contact form and send me a message! And be sure to tell me about what the photos are for, and the desired timeframe of your session.

I’ll respond as quickly as possible, to schedule a time for us to chat over the phone. I’ll go over packages and pricing with you, you can tell me a little more about yourself and what you’re looking for, so that I can best meet your needs! If you prefer an in-person meeting, I can definitely meet up with you at your home or at a local coffee shop.

If you’re excited about having your precious family moments captured by ÜmlaPhoto after talking to me, then head on over to Step 3! If not, then no worries!

Step 3: Decide to work with Ümla!

testimonials toronto family photography by umlaphoto
Yay! You won’t regret it! Sessions are fun, relaxed, and casual, and I go above and beyond to ensure that you and your family look your best, while you enjoy yourselves in the process!

Step 4: Complete the Client Agreement and pay the Session Retainer Fee

Your session date is only locked in once the session retainer fee has been paid, and the Client Agreement has been completed, so please be sure to complete this right away to ensure that you get your desired session date. Because I am a firm believer in making things as EASY as possible for my clients, the Client Agreement and retainer fee payment have been rolled into one convenient online form that can even be completed on your smartphone. The retainer fee is payable via PayPal. Don’t have a PayPal account – you can still pay via PayPal without having to open an account with them! Find out how here!

Step 5: Pre-session Chat

At the time of booking your session, I also book a pre-session chat with you. This takes place a few days before your session, in order to go over logistics and to answer any questions that you may have (and you can of course send me your questions at any point before your session too). I like to have the pre-session chat in person, and in order to accommodate my clients’ busy schedules, I usually hold this meeting via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, so that you and I get to have a face-to-face chat before we meet for our session.

Step 6: The Session!

I will meet you at the session location, which may either be at your home, or at an outdoor location such as a park. At the end of your session, once I’ve put away my gear, you and I will take a few minutes together to book your ordering appointment (see next step).

Step 7: Ordering Appointment & Product Delivery

testimonials toronto family photography by umlaphoto
The ordering appointment takes place 2-3 weeks after your session. For this appointment, I will come to your home to première your photos to you, via a slideshow set to music, presented on my iPad. I will then help you go through your images, help you select your favourites, and help you select the products that are right for YOU. I also bring product samples, so that you can see and feel the products for yourself. All of my products are printed by my professional print lab, with whom I work very closely to ensure the utmost quality and durability for your memories.

The ordering appointment usually takes about an hour. All photo product orders are placed during this time. All payments must be made in full before I place an order with my professional print lab. Payment plans are available, so if this is something that interests you, drop me a line, and I can tell you all about it!

Once your products have arrived, I will inspect them, package them, and will contact you to arrange a date and time to deliver your items to you at home!